Sustainability Learning and Research Centre (SWEDESD)

As one of the leading countries of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), the Swedish government established the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) at the former University of Gotland in 2006. Today, SWEDESD is a well-established research and development environment at Uppsala University that offers reflexive tools for ESD implementation and scaling.

SWEDESD run integrated collaborative research and development projects in Sweden and abroad. We arrange high-level panels, research seminars and conferences, workshops and forums for practitioners, research circles and various venues for dialogue and collaboration. SWEDESD also offers training courses, among others, for active teachers in schools and at universities, as well as for teacher educators, policy makers and project leaders dealing with wicked problems.

In partnership with Uppsala University, we also host the Campus Gotland ESD Learning Lab - a platform for development of education and learning in relation to the sustainability field.

Last modified: 2021-01-20