Our staff (Faculty, Staff and other members)

Barrineau, Susanna, project coordinator
+46 18 471 1520, +46 72 99 99 067

Sanna has a master’s degree in Environment, Politics and Development and has previously been working at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), and the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University. She has many years of experience of working with active student participation in higher education. At SWEDESD, Sanna is planning, coordinating, and implementing activities within Campus Gotland ESD Learning Lab. She also represents SWEDESD as an environmental coordinator at Uppsala University.

Bengtsson, Stefan, project coordinator

Stefan Bengtsson is currently working as a researcher focusing on issues of sustainability in education. He has been national coordinator for ESD in Sweden and is currently deputy link convenor for the Environmental and Sustainability Education network of the European Education Research Association, and part of the T-Learning research project. In parallel to his academic work, he has been providing technical assistance to international efforts to address sustainability and gender issues in education, in particular in the East and South-East Asian context. Stefans research interest is focused on understanding the conditions of possibility of change in and through education and learning.

Do, Thao, research assistant
+46 18 471 8403, +46 70 167 99 57

Thao has a master's degree in Entrepreneurship from Uppsala University. Before joining SWEDESD, she worked in Vietnam for more than four years as project manager and consultant within the fields of education, communication and market research with a sustainability focus. At SWEDESD, she contributes to the planning and implementation of EU-funded research projects, including BONUS MIRACLE and BONUS RETURN, as well as the development of new research proposals and research networks. Her focus lies on design and facilitation of stakeholder co-inquiry and co-learning processes, development of innovative methods for stakeholder engagement. Thao works with Re-Solve process tool for scaling innovations and facilitates commissioned education on scaling. Another part of her work is fostering cooperation on research and education for sustainable development with different partners in Vietnam and the Mekong region.

Friman, Eva, director
+46 498 10 8414, +46 18 471 8414

Eva Friman has a background in economics and holds a PhD in Intellectual History and is the director of SWEDESD since 2015. Her research focuses on global equity and ecological sustainability from ecological economic and political ecological perspectives, and, since recently, also transformative learning. She has been a transdisciplinary researcher and lecturer for some 20 years, within for example human ecology, ecological economics, and political ecology. Eva is also an adjunct professor at the Sustainability Research Center at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. At SWEDESD, Eva participates in the Re-Set research project and is a Program director for MISTRA Environmental Communication – Reframing communication for sustainability.

Hellquist, Alexander, specialist
+46 18 471 8405

Alexander has a background in economics, with an emphasis on environmental economics. Before joining SWEDESD in 2010, Alexander worked at a County Administration Board and at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. At SWEDESD, his main task include trainings and certain commissioned research linked to learning processes outside the formal education system. This includes learning that takes place in collaborative governance settings or deliberative planning processes. He is particularly interested in how learning in such processes influence people’s preferences, and in how process leaders balance the partly conflicting demands put on them in democratic, planning and educational theory. Alexander is one of the developers of the Inquiry Based Approach (IBA).

Jacobsson, Viktor, web editor
+46 498 10 8411

Khalaim, Oleksandra, visiting researcher
+46 764 49 77 27

Oleksandra has a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine, where she has been teaching Ecology and Sustainable Development study courses for 6 years. At SWEDESD, Oleksandra is conducting a post-doctoral research on Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development supported by the Swedish Institute Visby Programme 2019/2020. Oleksandra is also the head of the NGO "Ukrainian Ecological Club ”Green Wave”, based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Kronlid, David, coordinator
+46 18 471 2445, +46 70 495 43 39

As an expert in ESD, David is currently collaborating with Region Gotland to support the implementation of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals on Gotland. David is also currently finilazing a project on wicked problems and urban sustainability transition.

Mickelsson, Martin, administrator
+46 18 471 2439

Martin Mickelsson has conducted his PhD in Environmental and Sustainability Education studying questions of scaling ESD-activities as learning processes. He is working as part of the Re-Solve team and with the development of a scaling tool for projects and innovations. Martin is facilitating a commissioned education in Sweden on scaling. In addition to the topic of his thesis, Martin also has a research interest in education regarding antibiotic resistance as a sustainability challenge.

Powell, Neil, visiting professor
+46 70 167 91 69

Neil Powell is Professor of Sustainable Development with the Sustainability Research Centre (SRC) at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and Guest Professor at SWEDESD. He is also a Senior Research Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Neil’s research, training and development action is geared towards addressing intractable issues and resource dilemmas in the context water resources and governance. His present research examines governance inefficiencies and ambiguities in contexts characterised by abrupt environmental change and controversy. Neil is currently acting research leader at SWEDESD and responsible for BONUS RETURN and BONUS MIRACLE research projects, and SWEDEDS's coming master program.

Skölfman, Marie-Louise, administrative coordinator
+46 498 10 8410

Urenje, Shepherd, specialist
+46 498 10 8407

Shepherd Urenje joined SWEDESD in 2010 and works as a Programme Specialist in relation to formal education. He studied Development Education at the University of London, United Kingdom, and got a professional background in teaching environmental science and development education in Zimbabwe and the UK. Shepherd coordinates ESD support in teaching and learning. Shepherd’s expertise includes implementing strategies of learning for change, strategies that develop skills and competences for sustainable development. He now facilitates ESD Courses in Higher Education in the Baltic Sea Region and Campus Gotland ESD Learning Lab. He also coordinates the Partner Network of UNESCO GAP on ESD Action Area 3 Building Capacities of Educators and Trainers and Capacity Development for Agenda 2030 in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Westin, Martin project coordinator
+46 18 471 8408

Martin Westin is a facilitator and process designer at SWEDESD, and currently a PhD student at the Division of Environmental communication at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. His previous experience includes over 15 years work with participatory planning processes and change processes in Sweden and abroad. Martins research and practice interest revolves around the role of facilitation in multi-stakeholder collaboration in view of transforming complex, contested and uncertain sustainability situations. Martin facilitates commissioned education and workshops with Swedish municipalities that are engaging in citizen dialogues. He also teaches at the Master programme in Environmental communication at SLU. Martin is one of the developers of the process tool the Inquiry Based Approach (IBA).