Networking and collaboration is a necessity in order to meet the challenges facing humankind today. This is an indisputable standpoint for SWEDESD and below are some links to the group's collaborating partners. SWEDESD is also the home for SIHI Sweden (


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ESD Science Lab for BUP Teachers

Supported by Baltic University Programme, a short-term project “ESD Science Lab for BUP Teachers” has been realized in May-October 2022 by a joint team of Riga Technical University, Åbo Academy, and Swedesd representatives (Shepherd Urenje and Oleksandra Khalaim). The project team, based both on expertise in ESD methods, teachers education, and a solid practical experience of working with BUP teachers, organized an ESD Science Lab as a series of educational and research coaching events for selected university teachers from the Baltic region, aimed to strengthen their skills and knowledge in publishing scientific research findings in peer-reviewed journals. 

More than 20 participants from Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia went through all project activities, including 2-days intensive summer school hosted by Riga Technical University on August 25-26 2022. Following the link, there is a video where both participants and organizers are sharing their feedback on the project and BUP framework. We keep going together! 

Last modified: 2024-02-15