BONUS RETURN Regional Exchange and Learning Event in Helsinki


On the 30 May, SWEDESD together with partner organizations will facilitate a regional exchange and learning event to explore how to enable circular innovations to trigger sustainable transformations in the Baltic Sea Region. The event will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

The main objective of the BONUS RETURN project is to improve the adaptation of eco-technologies by contributing innovative solutions for reuse of nutrients and carbon in the Baltic Sea Region. To transform the region’s current environmental challenges towards innovation-driven solutions, all policy, financial, social, and scientific parts of the puzzle need to come to place.

The regional exchange and learning event in Helsinki will bring together researchers, innovators, investors, civil society and policy makers in the region to enable knowledge exchange and co-learning in relation to systemic innovations.

At this event, SWEDESD is responsible for the process design and will be moderating and facilitating group discussions. The task is part of SWEDESD' mission to foster co-learning processes between project researchers and stakeholders.

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