SWEDESD presents research on scaling at ECER 2018


SWEDESD will co-organize a research symposium on scaling of education for sustainable development (ESD) at the annual European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in Bolzano, Italy on 3-6 September 2018.

Martin Mickelsson and David O. Kronlid at SWEDESD will present their and Heila-Lotz-Sisitka’s article “Consider The Unexpected: Scaling ESD-activities as a Learning Process”. The presentation is part of an international symposium to explore the affordances and constraints of taking ESD to scale. It invites participants to reflect upon scaling up, out, and deep, as an expansive learning process in which recontextualization of so-called “scaling objects” is key. The purpose of the symposium is to offer a number of critical scholarly perspectives from different geographical areas about scaling of ESD.

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