SAIL for Students is visiting Campus Gotland


The course SAIL for Students takes place on board STS Fryderyk Chopin. Foto: Viktor Jacobsson

On the 8th and 9th of September, the crew on board the tall ship STS Fryderyk Chopin will visit Visby and Campus Gotland to learn about and explore sustainability issues facing the Baltic Sea region.

SAIL for Students is an international course for both teachers and students from universities around the Baltic Sea. During the 14-day long cruise, that starts in Szczecin in Poland and ends in Stavanger in Norway, participants from 11 countries are engaged in workshops and lectures as well as in the actual sailing of the ship.

In Visby, the visitors are invited to participate in workshops at Uppsala university Campus Gotland to further explore issues related to education, Agenda 2030 and the Baltic Sea. The event will be coordinated and facilitated by SWEDESD.

SAIL for Student is organized by the Baltic University Programme (BUP) – a network of about 230 universities and other institutes of higher learning in the Baltic Sea region with focus on democracy, sustainability and environmental issues.

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