SLU and SWEDESD granted research program on change-oriented environmental communication


SWEDESD has together with SLU as the main applicant been granted a research program on transformative environmental communication (TRANSEC) from MISTRA. The overall goal of the program is to frame how environmental communication and learning can promote sustainable development. 

Anke Fischer, professor at SLU's department of Environmental Communication, and SWEDESD´s director Eva Friman will lead the research program. The vision for TRANSEC is to develop an effective practice for communication and learning - a stronger practice that can promote Sweden's and the world's transformation into a more sustainable society, and which can also serve as a model for change-oriented communication.

- This is a great opportunity for us as researchers to strengthen and change environmental communication both with theory and practice together with various social actors, says Eva Friman. SLU has a strong research group in environmental communication and we at SWEDESD can contribute with our expertise on learning and change.

The scientific contribution will be to strengthen the development of a critical and change-oriented environmental communication, and to contribute to theory development in the environmental communication area and other areas linked to sustainable development. TRANSEC focuses on five practical areas for environmental communication and how these can contribute to society's transition work. At the core of TRANSEC is that knowledge is created by researchers and practitioners together.

The research program is interdisciplinary and includes researchers from a number of disciplines and universities (including Lund University, the University of the Sunshine Coast, the University of Texas Austin, Charles University) and nearly 30 non-academic partners, including the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Forest Agency, Greenpeace, environmental consultants, artists, media companies, museums and other interest groups.

The research program comprises a total of SEK 60 million over four years with funding from the research foundation MISTRA and non-academic partners. If the first years are successful, there is a possibility that it will be extended.

Read more about the decision from MISTRA here.

Transformative environmental communication in wicked times – reframing communication for sustainability.

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