Scholarships opportunities within Mistra Environmental Communication Research Programme


PhD opportunities available.

 With the support of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra), the Sustainability Research Centre is offering a 3-year vacancy for two PhD candidates at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Australia.

The Sustainability Research Centre at USC is leading the work under a theme entitled Science and knowledge co-production within the Mistra Programme. This work package aims to examine the capability of environmental communication embodied in knowledge co-production to support development, adaptation and implementation of actions in complex and urgent situations and to enable transition towards sustainable futures.

The positions will be full-time research students on fixed term scholarships. The research tasks will involve the implementation of transdisciplinary methodologies and extensive field work in Sweden. The scholarships are:

Mistra Environmental Communication – Reframing Communication for Sustainability is a 4-year international research program (2020-2023) funded by Mistra. The program aims to mainstream an advanced and inclusive understanding of environmental communication in research, policy and practice in order to effectively support sustainability transformations.


Mistra Environmental Communication

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