Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Education and Sustainable Development (TRUST)

The Uppsala Transdisciplinary Seminar in Education and Sustainable Development is arranged by researchers at SWEDESD to coordinate a scholarly environment for practitioners, researchers and PhD students who conducts monodisciplinary and various forms of crossdisciplinary educational and sustainable development research.

The purpose of TRUST is to increase the internationalisation of sustainable development research, generate new interfaces, research projects and international publications in collaboration with existing actors in the field. In addition, the seminar aims to coordinate and organise national and international conferences and workshops.

The seminar invites practitioners, researchers and PhD-students from all faculties. Both English and Swedish are used.

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Contact: Eva Friman, eva.friman@swedesd.uu.se, Alexander Hellquist, alexander.hellquist@swedesd.uu.se.


29 September 2020 | Oleksandra Khalaim, Visiting Researcher at SWEDESD. "Mapping Sustainability Initiatives on Gotland and Collaboration with the University Campus​"

5 Mars 2020 | Symposium Contemporary Perspectives in Education for Sustainable Development Prof. Rob O’Donoghue, Rhodes University: Hand-Print CARE: An ethics-led  inclusion of environment and sustainability concerns in school subject disciplines. Kajsa Kramming, Uppsala University: Environmental collapse or sustainable  futures? Connecting ESD with young peoples’ negative feelings about the future. Stefan Bengtsson, Uppsala University: Dark Pedagogy: Uncanny encounters with the content of the third kind. Moderator David O. Kronlid, Uppsala University.

14 November 2019 | Kate Greer, PhD Candidate and Environmental and Climate change education specialist, King’s Collage, London, UK "Perspectives of policy influencers on climate change education"

3 September 2019 | Professors Morrone, Matsunaga, Tamiya and Oshima, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Japan. "Minitsukeru – encouraging care for nature among children."

28 May 2019 | Keri Facer, Zennström Professor in Climate Change Leadership, Uppsala University, James Ayers, PhD, Blekinge Institute of Technology "Towards curriculum and pedagogy for uncertain times - A dialogue."

16 April 2019 | Paul Plummer former intern, master student, SWEDESD/Uppsala University "Urban Sustainability Transitions as Educative Spaces: A Case Study of the Solidarity Fridge in Gothenburg, Sweden"

9 April 2019 | Martin Westin PhD, SWEDESD/Uppsala universitet "A Family Resemblance View of Power in Participatory Planning - Towards Reflective Practice"

5 March 2019 | Aaron M Ellison Senior Research Fellow in Ecology, Harvard. "Intersection between art, climate change, activism, and action"

26 February 2019 | Dr Nduduzo Phuti Faculty of Science & Technology Education at National University of Science & Technology, Zimbabwe "Empowering secondary school teachers on education for sustainable development issues: policy and practice in Zimbabwe"

4 December 2018 | Elena Dawkins and Rasmus Kløcker Larsen, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) "Do footprint indicators foster learning among Swedish policy makers about how to implement sustainable consumption?"

27 November 2018 | Dr Marcus Bussey University of the Sunshine Coast. "Fostering an Anticipatory Aesthetics: Reflections on an aesthetic journey in curriculum and practice"

23 October 2018 | This seminar discussed the published article 'Antinomies of Nature and Space’ (Collard et al., 2018)

22 May 2018 | Rasmus Kløcker Larsen (SEI) "Enacting the state duty to consult in land and resource decisions: gazes from Sami communities and Swedish state officials." Petra Hansson and Neil Powell (SWEDESD) "Participatory action research in teacher education"

24 April 2018​ | Kim Törnqvist, Bättre Skolor "Välmående ger resultat - Skola 2030"

10 April 2018 | Martin Mickelsson, SWEDESD/EDU "Engaging at scale: educational encounters in a South African collaborative workshop"

13 Mars 2018 | Alexander Hellquist and Martin Westin, SWEDESD "En kritisk granskning av makt i medborgardialogens teori och praktik"

27 February 2018 | Pernilla Andersson, Senior Lecturer, Stockholm University "Equipped for responsibility in light of uncertainty and complexity? – Studies of business education for sustainability"

30 Januari 2018 | Per Hedfors, Landscape architect (PhD), The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU "Tanketraditioner och innovationer genom landskapsarkitektur: pedagogik för uthållig bebyggelseutveckling"

12 December 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

28 November 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

14 November 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

31 October 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

17 October 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

19 September 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

17 May 2017 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

4 April 2017 | ’TRUST goes REAL' – relevance Environmental and Sustainability Education

17 November 2016 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

15 September 2016 | Peter Ericson Historian, Expert on land right processes. On lost forest Saami cultures – deportation, land rights, colonisation and Imagined Origins. 

28 April 2016 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research.

8 April 2016 | Lisa Adelsköld, "Håll Sverige Rent” "Kvalitetssäkring av Lärande för Hållbar utveckling i samarbete med praktiker"

4 February 2016 | Rea Raus, Tallin University and Jonas Lysgaard, Aarhus University Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research.  

26 November 2015 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research. 

8 October 2015 | Zinaida Fadeeva, UNU-IAS, Japan “Learning-lead change towards sustainable consumption and production systems: what RCEs can offer?" 

1 October 2015 | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Integrated Research

2 September 2015 | Professor Michael Wilson and Dr Antonia Liguori, Loughborough University, UK “I can’t remember the name of the dog…”: Stories about (and not about) drought, flooding and climate change. 

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