While playing to change the world: theater and gaming techniques in sustainability teaching

Do you want to use gaming and applied drama techniques in sustainability teaching?

To have fun while teaching, to inspire students and let them explore complex sustainability issues in an interactive manner, to improve soft skills together, and finally to become a “magician” who creates own worlds in the classroom?

Welcome to the project “While playing to change the world: theater and gaming techniques in sustainability teaching”!

A series of onsite workshops will be delivered in the 2023/2024 academic year for teachers at Campus Gotland with expert support from the Dept. of Game Design, Dept. of Teaching and Learning of Stockholm University, and sustainability game experts from Centre for Systems Solutions (Poland). A handbook with the toolkit description will be developed and placed on the SWEDESD web page and a game library with be created for teachers to use at the campus.

The application for the autumn workshops on using games in sustainability teaching is open!

Participants: Teachers based at Campus Gotland that have any sustainability-related topics in their disciplines.

Program: Five workshops (2-3 hours each) until the end of 2023, along with practicing the games in between with one’s own students, friends, and colleagues.

Format: We work only with onsite games, so we meet physically in the classroom to have fun together.

The game kits will be available to practice both during the workshops and for one’s own teaching. The participation is free of charge.

Application: Sign up for project updates and workshop applications! Link to the form: https://doit.medfarm.uu.se/bin/kurt3/kurt/95620

Workshop 1: Keep Cool board game on climate change (more about the game here). Date: 25th of September, 12:00-15:00, B37.

Workshop 2: Fish Banks board game on managing common pool resources (more about the game here). Date: 2nd of November, 12:00-15:00, B37.

Workshop 3: Serious game (simulation) Ruritania (more about the game here) provided by Center for System Solutions. Date: 13th of November, 12:00-15:00, B37 (hybrid format).

Workshop 4: Shorter and simpler card games + some basics of developing your own educational game (with Dept. of Game Design). Date tbc.

Workshop 5: online simulation “New Shores” (more about the game here) by Center for System Solutions. Date tbc, hybrid format.

Project coordinator: Oleksandra Khalaim, SWEDESD

The project is supported by PUMA 2023 (project grants for educational development).

Last modified: 2023-09-27