Health Systems Research

Health Systems Research is a field of investigation that focuses on how people get access to health care practitioners and health care services. It focuses on performance, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health care services as they relate to health problems of individuals and populations, as well as health care systems.

We apply a wide definition to what a health system is, adopting the socio-ecological model where multiple levels, ranging from the indiviual to the planet, are all connected and interdependent and affect the need, access and utilization of the health care system and the achievement of good health. 

Current projects

Contextualization of the Philani Mentor Mother model – a social innovation for improved child health among the hard-to-reach in Sweden

The overall purpose of the proposal is to study the implementation and effects of a social innovation with peer-support targeting socioeconomically disadvantaged groups in Sweden’s three major cities. 
Researchers: Per Kåks & Mats Målqvist 

Diabetes care in Sudan - introducing diabetes educators in the public health system

This project aims to assess the prevalence and facility preparedness to diabetes in Sudan health system and evaluate the effectiveness of introducing diabetes educators to primary diabetes health care.

Reporting of pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes in population and health surveys

Understanding factors that influence reporting of pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes during population and health surveys in order to provide recommendations to improve DHS and HDSS data collection processes.
Researchers: Doris Kwesiga Kambugyiro & Mats Målqvist 

Last modified: 2023-06-29