Mental Health

Mental health is an essential component for well-functioning societies and individuals' mental ill health is a growing global concern. With the world facing wicked challenges, anxiety and stress is increasing, having far-reaching generational effects. Identifying and finding innnovative strategies to improve global mental health is of the essence. Swedesd is currently involved in research projects emphasizing the motto "nothing about us without us" by co-creating knowledge and interventions with vulnerable groups in Sweden, Ethiopia and Nepal.

Current projects

Balancing the Climate and Mental Health Threats: Climate-anxiety Identification in Higher Education Institutions

A research project on climate-anxiety and mental health issues at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. 
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Mental Health Problems, Spatial Mobility and Psychosocial Service Use among Homeless Women in Urban Ethiopia

This research project, conducted in collaboration with Addis Continental Institute of Public Health aims to assess the perceived effects of primary homelessness and urban environment on mental health conditions in low-resource settings. The project is part of Womher research school.
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Implementing Respectful Maternity Care Intervention to Improve Perinatal Mental Health in Nepal

Disrespect and abuse during pregancy and childbirth may have severe effects on maternal metnal health and subsequent child development. This research project aims to develop, implement and evaluate an intervention focusing on improving respectful maternity care in Nepal. he project is part of Womher research school.
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Last modified: 2022-09-07