Re-Solve scaling research group

As of 2016, SWEDESD, Southern African Development Community (SADC) and Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) have formed a scaling research group under the leadership of SWEDESD. The formation of this research group is a response to the increased international interest in scaling of ESD activities emerging from the UNESCO Global Action Programme.

The aim of the conducted research is to perform critical and empirically informed studies of scaling of ESD, including philosophical understandings of “scaling”. The ambition is to contribute to the wider field of ESD research and scaling research with theory, method and analytical development.

Currently, the group is working on a number of articles focusing on creating conceptual frameworks for scaling ESD, as well as a number of empirical studies on scaling ESD in teaching and learning methods. In addition, a PhD research on scaling ESD within curriculum studies, empirical scaling studies and educational philosophy is included in the programe and a PhD thesis will be submitted for defense in 2019 at Uppsala University.

The research activities are integrated with the development and use of the Re-Solve process tool. The scaling ESD research activities are integrated in several other ongoing research projects at SWEDESD including Sustainability Starts with Teachers, Developing Capacity for Teaching Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region (EduBalt), Revisiting Regional Socio-Biophysical Transformation at Gotland (Re-Set), Transgressive Learning in Times of Climate Change (T-learning), ESD in Mongolia, Reducing Emissions by Turning Nutrients and Carbon into Benefits (RETURN) and Developing pedagogical program at Nobel Museum in Stockholm.

The group gathers about fifteen ESD scholars from Sweden and southern African countries and consists of doctoral students, post docs, associate professors and professors.

Partners: Southern African Development Community (SADC), Rhodes University’s Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

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Forskning belyser skalning av utbildning för hållbar utveckling genom lärande


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